We started our first clinic in 2016 at Goonawarra Day Hospital, Sunbury to offer a comprehensive specialist eye surgery one stop service for the local community. It would not have been possible without the support of the highly experienced Director of Nursing (DON) Marlee Foo or the practice owners Dr Mahinda and Charmaine Samaratna.

Our focus was always to improve access to care, and provide world class surgery without compromise in an affordable setting. By investing in the latest technology and cutting edge equipment, we ensure our practice remains on a par with the world’s best.

We have been fortunate to able to replicate our success at Sunbury at various locations around Victoria. We passionately believe everyone in Australia should be able to access specialist ophthalmology care regardless of their financial ability. By working with public and private hospitals we almost always find a way to deliver care to our patients in a reasonable or better time frame. When you attend your appointment with us, we will give you all your options for eye surgery through the public and private sectors. Whilst private hospitals undoubtedly offer a faster service with a greater choice of lens options and the latest technology, public surgery is still of high quality. In Australia we are fortunate to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. You can be rest assured that we will work with you to give you the best outcome within your means.

We rely on our referrers to provide holistic life long care. They say that ‘the eyes are a window into the soul’. While this may or may not be true, they certainly provide a window into your body. Many times an eye examination will uncover systemic disease. We will liaise with your family doctor to ensure preventative or remedial action is taken to keep you healthy. More often we identify early signs of chronic eye diseases and in this situation we coordinate your care in conjunction with your optometrist.

Our doctors are specially chosen based on their surgical experience, compassion and commitment to public service. Our mission is to provide the best specialist eye care and surgery that is possible.